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Lifeway Church men

You will find a fun, friendly and comfortable atmosphere to meet other men with the same goals, interests and desires as yourself. We strive to be a support system for men who want to be better husbands, fathers, sons and followers of Jesus. 


Lifeway Church WOMEN

Lifeway Women's Ministries is a community of women, assembled together to live a more full-hearted, sharpened and encouraged life.  We love and share with others what Jesus has done in us.


Dinner together

-no reservations

-no fussy details

-no guest list

Anyone and everyone is invited to meet up and eat dinner together at a locally owned restaurant.

January 14 @ 6:30p


510 Main Street

Beech Grove

Lifeway Church YOUTH

Lifeway Church Youth represents a community of students from all walks of life who connect with God and with one another. God is not just sung about or talked about, but felt and encountered. All students grades 7-12 are welcome to attend.


The Classics

Whether its an evening of food and fellowship or a fun day trip, this ministry is geared for seniors, and those cool enough to hang out with those of us who are 55 and over.

outreach ministry

We strive to restore hope and provide opportunities for people to become all that God intends them to be. Its our mission to take the Christian faith many speak about and turn it into action through love and acts of service to our southside community.

Quality Nurseries

Quality nurseries and childcare are available each service.


Lifeway Church kids

Lifeway Church Kids is ministry for those just born through 5th grade. They will experience a ministry that is safe, fun, exciting, loving, nurturing and energetic. From the songs that they sing to the activities they will be a part of, you will see a very intentional and personal approach to engage your child as he or she begins their faith walk with Jesus Christ. The learning that takes place is creative and age-appropriate. It's a place where kids can connect with peers and caring adults, have fun, and learn all about Jesus and His awesome love!


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