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Rev. Neil & Michelle Bell
Lead Pastors

Neil's personal mission is to share Jesus everywhere he goes. He is confident that those who visit Lifeway Church will quickly find this community to be a joyful family-church that learns, lives, and loves better than ever before. He is a phenomenal preacher and has a down to earth richness that allows people to easily connect with what he says. He also utilizes the anointing of the Holy Spirit combined with a witty sense of humor to skillfully navigate the Word of God. In spare moments, Pastor enjoys refurbishing old furniture, impromptu travel, and working on their "farm," The Big Squirrel.

Michelle is a gifted teacher that ministers with joy and authenticity. Her objective is to demonstrate the abundant life Christ came to give us and to disciple others doing the same. Wearing several hats in and outside of ministry, she is fully committed with her husband to continue developing the family-church ministry that God has placed in their charge, all the while counting their home as her highest ministry. During free time, Michelle is always up for trying new hobbies but committing to none, moving said refurbished furniture around, and hosting the next party.


Pastor and Michelle are celebrating thirty years of marriage. They have three incredible adult children: Caleb and his wife Caitlyn, Careah and her husband Quinten, and Levi and his wife Hannah. They are having a ball with all of their empty nest adventures!



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